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wholesale digital picture frame

Wholesale digital photo frame

Ever since 2004 EOOKE has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of digital picture frames. With hundreds of employees, experienced engineer, we has been providing service all around the globe to meet customers needs in digital frames and advertising  frames. We can manufacture  1.5" digital photo  keychain to 55" large digital frame and advertising frame that with Amlogic, CheerTek, ESS, Zoran solution inside.. With over a 100 different styles of digital picture frame and advertising frame in stock ready to ship at any given moment. Digitalframe0 has a product line that is not matched by any other competitor in the digital photo frame selling market.

We have our own R&D team to custom UI, logo for you. We produce and arrange quality control digital frame PCBA in house by our SMT and DIP line View More

  Producing Line 1 Producing Line 2
Competitive Prices List & Custom digital photo frame

We manufacture all sized digital photo frames and digital signage displays,  no matter what size and how many you need, we will try our best to fit your need with a better prices and quality.

All you need to do is just view our product list below then send your enquiry to You will get your answer in  24 hours.

Our product list for you reference, please click the name to download:

1. Digital Photo Frame List

2. Advertising Frames

will be updated soon.

Please check here for custom digital frames
Contact Detail

Office:   11I, Tower B, Huaqiang plaza, Hua Qiang Bei Road,  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Factory: 3/F,Yicheng,Tiegang ,Xixiang Town, Shenzhen,Guangdong, China

Tel:+ 86 1868-2377-205 -Wholesale/Retail Order -Support -Cooperation

Skype: digitalframe0




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User Comment
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  • Anonymous user ( 2018-01-29 07:21:43 )


    We need Wifi digital photo frame with touch screen 19 “ (model DPFtw18)
    Please send price with delivery cost to Lithuania (EU).
    We will pay with bank transfer as company.

    Best regards
    Kestutis Gurskis

    Hi Kestutis,

    Info was replied by email, please check the junk box in case the reply was there.

  • Anonymous user ( 2016-09-09 02:31:57 )

    We are looking at purchasing 50 - 100 units of digital photo frame.
    Our requirement is as follow:

    1) Frame size 7 - 10 inch
    2) Support and play multiple file format
    3) Built in memory card slot (SD, micro SD card etc)
    4) Must be able to play HD video
    5) Display stand to be included

    Delivery to Singapore. How much will it cost?

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your interested in our product.

    I think DPF10HD may meet your need. Detail has been sent to your email, please check.

    Best regards,


  • Anonymous user ( 2013-07-01 18:40:12 )

    I would like to purchase 1 units of 22 inch 1080P Full HD Digital Frames For Advertising (ADF22HDA). How much it cost and to be delivered to Netherlands.


    Product price is US$499, shipping price is US$107, the price doesn't include any tax/vat.

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-03-25 14:25:50 )

    Do you ship 42 and 65 inch frames to Sweden?

    Yes, we do.
    Please contact our sales ( for further information.

  • Anonymous user ( 2013-03-11 13:42:15 )

    how long can I expect the screens to last? 1 year, 2 years? how many hours?

    The screen will last for a VERY long time, as long as you take good care of it.
    All screens we sold have 1 year warranty :)

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