Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can definitely add more files to you digital photo frame. Simply buy a SD card that will work for your digital frame and insert it into the expanstion slot and you will have increased space into your digital fram
Yes, for our AD frame and signage dispaly. However it's better to turn it off when is possible because this wastes less electricity good to service life.
Most digi frames will play mp3 files while the pictures are running in the secquence you have selected. Please look at details of listed features before buying for specific request.
NO, no frame can play in random order. However, all EOOKE digital photo frame have random transit effect, however they do not slide/play in random order, you need use 3rd to randomize the pictures youself each time you need shuffe images.
Depending on the type of frame you select. Each frame has its own default set number of memory preinstalled into the unit and depending on the size of the memory will depend on how many pictures you can have on your digital picture frame. Here is a rough estimate on what a certain size memory can hold. Remeber you can always upgarde more memory to majority of our digital frames.
Putting pictures into your digital frame is a very simple process and it varies from frame to frame. Don't worry, most frames come with a easy to follow guide on how to add pictures to digital frame.

Please make sure that the photos that you have uploaded onto the memory are in a compatable format that your frame support . Also make sure that the picture is viewable in a computer and there is no issue with the file itself.

If all above are fine, it is probably because it doesn't support that photos ( their files size/resolution are too large or a wrong codec/file format), please use photoshop resize the two images resolution to 1920x1080 and then "save as to" a "baseline (standard)" jpg image (see below 2 pictures):

The new trend in the market is to have all your pictures played in one source. Now you can by putting all your pictures into a digital picture frame and have then played throughout the day. Many people buy digital photo frames for wedding presents, corporate gifts, birthday, simply home use and also for advertising purpose. Digital frame is the next trend in advertising your biz.