Large Digital Picture Frame for Home/Biz$299+

  • Super clear FHD IPS Panel with Tempered Glass cover
  • Slideshow & AVI/MPEG/MKV/MOV/DIX  from USB/SD
  • Desk style stand (22″-32″) with VESA mounting holes
  • For displaying simple photograph at home & biz
  • Availble in 22″ /24″ / 27″ / 32″ / 43″/ 55″
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Digital Signage Display for marketing$399+


  • FHD display & metal housing 4 commercial marketing
  • Free Playlist editor software & Advanced Power Timer
  • Schedule programs for different times of day/week/m
  • Enhancing vistors viewing experiences, drive more sale
  • More size: 19″ / 22″ / 32″ / 43″ / 47″/ 50″ / 55″ / 65″
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WIFI Photo Frame signage for marketing$499+

  • Manage, Monitor the frame via LAN / WIFI / USB
  • Schedule programs to unlimited frames  & location
  • Easy to divice the display into multiple work zones
  • Supports more: webpage, pdf, ppt, doc, xls, flash…
  • Free software for self server & limited web account
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Everything you should know regarding the use of large digital picture frame

Are you looking to share photos with loved ones that are technologically challenged? Some people, especially old folks, do not understand so much about the internet and computers. You can still share pictures with them without relying on the computer. You can achieve this through the use of a innovative photo viewers – digital photo frame.

Though the simple device has existed for a long time, the initial make hampered poor technology. People did not like electronic picture frames initially since they came with small LCD displays and had blurry images. The setup was also quite complicated, and adding images to this digital photo display was an issue.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, people around the globe are now using large digital photo frames in the home due to their versatility. You not only get a chance to showcase your stunning photos but can also play videos and run slide shows through advanced big LED signage screen. Some even feature spilted zones and a built-in powertimer switch. If you have some memorable photos and marketing programs that you want to display on a bright screen, you can use USB, or a memory card to achieve this.

Today, electronic photo frames is getting larger and larger, display bright and high-resolution FHD images. Since they come in sleek designs, you can mount these electric frame on wall as part of your décor and futher more, it offers more features below:

Wi-Fi digital picture frame & Digital signage display

Wireless digital photo frame come in different types. They allow people to connect through the sharing of sentimental photos and video. If you want a seamless way to share media file, you can choose the WiFi  picture frame, vdieo wall and digital signage diplays. Businesses oweners are now adapting them to draw more attention and boost sales. This because they have much more advanced features than regular frame to enhance communication for their biz and even boost sales.

Advanced Features

Power Timer

5 Set different on/off timer schedules to turn on and off automatically at the present time.

Free Programmable Playlist

Create 100+ playlist to schedule different presentation with custom duration times and the order of each media file.

Lock compartment & Metal housing

Aluminium alloys light metal housing with Lock protected compartment

Full HD Media Player & Display

LG / Samsung 1080P FHD LED IPS panel with Full HD Media Player enable to playback most video format 1080P @30P.

Caption & Breaking

Add scrolling texts on or insert/schedule a breaking show during the regular playback.

Split screen capability

Multi-Zone capability: Display a second, third, or fourth source either the same, or a separate, JPEG image beside the main video on same screen.

Power failure memory

Auto play the position that it last stopped

Auto copy & update

Update automatically via USB/SD/Internet/Lan/Wi-Fi

WIFI version has more...

  1. Task create/edit/del/schedule/publish.
  2. Source media content management.
  3. Terminal frame update/upgrade.
  4. Terminal add/group/monitor/del/reboot.
  5. User control, grant permission.
  1. Built-in RJ45/WIFI,supports LAN/WAN.
  2. Power timer. Task on Schedule.
  3. Screen rotation: 0/90/180/270.
  4. Update via USB/Internet/local LAN.
  5. Self-correction and auto-reset ability

A Wi-Fi  photo frame, signage display and video wall is a device that makes use of a  wireless network to help you update photos. Wi-Fi frames often differ in regard to their size, materials features, and outlook. They offer slideshows of videos or pictures. Most people who choose Wi-Fi digital frames for home use like them due to their easy setup. You need to plug them for you to start enjoying photos. You can also send photos to your loved one with a few clicks on your computer.

As we have mentioned before, digital poster frames are not only used at home. One of the common trends that most facilities are adapting today is the use of advertising digital photo signage display, which can come in the form of small handheld screens, video walls or big billboards placed at specific public areas.

This can offer a lot of benefits to staff members and clients alike. Businesses make use of the Wi-Fi digital signage display to deliver information to others. Since some of the institutions have waiting times, they use this display to reduce the frustration for clients. They provide a form of entertainment so that they can shorten the perceived waiting period.

You will find such screens in places such as banks and hospitals being used to display content such as engaging news or updates in regards to the facility. Digital signage displays also come in handy in providing directions for clients in big institutions. They, therefore, end up boosting the guest experience. You can also use such displays to inform potential customers more about your services. Many businesses use digital signage displays to stream educative or information content to visitors.

They, therefore, end up compelling you to check their services without being too pushy. Some even use the display to promote their websites in an attempt to increase traffic generation. Wi-Fi digital signage displays can lead to improved communication in a busy working environment. You can use the screen to displaying essential notices or the company policies to new employees. They can easily replace the conventional whiteboards that were used in the past.

Since you can easily adjust the content on the devices, they offer a cost-effective solution to advertising. The devices are quite user-friendly and can be adapted by all types of industries. Displaying the same content to different locations wirelessly can also help you achieve brand consistency.