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Large Digital Picture Frame for Home/BizMost PopularUS$299

  • Super clear FHD IPS LED with Tempered Glass cover.
  • Slide photos in random order; Optional body sensor.
  • “TrueBack” image engine produces crisp clear photo.
  • Easy screen rotation in menu; Stand & wall  bracket .
  • For displaying easy photograph at home & biz.
  • Available in 22″ / 24″ / 27″ / 32″ / 43″ / 55″.
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Digital Signage Displays for AdvertisingMost PopularUS$349

Stand-alone Signage boards

  • Special FHD & 4K hardware designed for reliable use.
  • Robust metal frame with brushed round bezel & lock.
  • 15 split-screen templates & Advanced Power Timer.
  • Plug & Play, loop sideshows, videos,  scrolling texts.
  • Enhance visitors viewing experiences, boost sales.
  • More size: 22″ / 32″ / 43″ / 50″ / 55″ / 65″ / 70″ / 75″.
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WIFI signage screen for marketingMost PopularUS$499

  •  Manage 4K/FHD screens & contents via internet/Wifi.
  •  Integrates top class smart signage hardware system.
  •  Industrial power module enabling 24/7 reliability·
  •  Schedule programs to unlimited displays & location.
  •  Free-shaped editor, drap-n-drop to create programs.
  •  Free self-hosting software & cloud managed account.
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Use large digital picture frame and digital signage to showcase your work

Are you tired of seeing the same old printed photographic mounted on your wall?

Do you want a more aesthetically pleasing and functional video frame to decorate your wall and showcase your collection of photos at the same time?

Look no further than EOOKE large digital picture frame.

EOOKE is a leader in the digital photo display and floor-standing signage poster industry since 2010. We understand why photographic is an integral part of our lives.

Photographs are lifetime souvenirs of those precious moments spent with family and friends. In the past, preserving your life’s special moments was a rather time-consuming process that involved shooting, printing out the images, and finding the right wooden poster or holder before you could mount them on your wall.

Pretty soon, as you took more snapshots of your vacations, life achievements, and great family moments, you would practically run out of wall or table space.

Then why not take a look at the digital picture frame, which have become a common feature in most homes today. The best thing about electronic picture frame is that it has a clear LCD screen, built-in FHD or 4K media player and a USB port that let you constantly update all your photographic in a more attractive and organized style than the ordinary one. With internet connection, it even provides you a seamless way to showcase a large number of photographic at home or work from different location via WIFI network, you’ll never again run out of space to hang them on once you get one of wireless picture frame.

At DigitalFrame0, we can provide you with your customized large digital photo frame for home and office, we offer a wide range of choices to integrate perfectly with your interior design and home decors. Whether you need a traditional, contemporary, or modern interior decoration, wall mounted in portrait or landscape orientations at home or a freestanding digital poster frame aka commercial advertising display at work. We can fulfill you all from small 1.5 inch key-chain to largest sized photo displays up to 98 inch .

Keep in mind that our digital wall frames feature a glossy edge which is a better-looking alternative to the traditional white or matte black edges, has a more attractive slim design that doesn’t take too much wall space. Our poster display are designed to provide you with a sleek, stylish, and slim device to showcase your personal photographic or business presentation with crystal clear FHD or 4K resolution.

Commercial Digital Signage Display System to Grow Your Business

For the longest time, brands had to make do with static, rudimentary forms of advertising that were expensive and provided poor ROI.

That changed with the effective usage of commercial digital signage display can actually help a business to accomplish both goals by engaging both customers and increasing sales.

As digital signage supplier for years, EOOKE understand the importance of having the right advertising screen to market your company’s or brand’s products to an even larger audience in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It does not have to be overly difficult to manage or complicated. It should be more accessible and affordable than ever, even the smaller companies, organizations with limited resources, or retail owner without advanced tech skill can take advantage of it. It should have the best hardware inside and most easy to use software to manage.

EOOKE LED sign system is a advertising monitor with an integrated media player can playback videos, scrolling text and company slides recorded on a flashcard, internal memory or on the cloud, remotely. EOOKE wifi digital signage displays can easily be configured to advertise specific products or services at a specific time over WiFi or via LAN. All of these advertising screen devices are designed to engage the audience by sending updated and high relevant information, continuously play through your marketing campaign  with  minimized errors but maximized sales impact.

Hare are the various advantages and features they comes with:

Advanced Features

Automatic Power Timer

5 sets of on/off timers that you can schedule when to turn the screen on or off in advance.

Free Programmable Playlist

This allows you to create playlists of 100+ pictures and schedule the presentations with custom duration times for each media file.

Secure Housing & Lock

Comes in a solid and secure build of aluminum alloy light metal housing and a lock protected compartment.

FHD Media Player & Panel

Enjoy crystal clear FHD / 4K led panel and an advanced Signage Media Player that allows you to view your videos @ 1080p & 2160P resolution.


You can add scrolling texts and interrupt the current programs for additional news on regular playback.

Multi-Zone Capability

Display diferent JPEG images beside the main video on same screen.

Built-in memory.

Built-in 8 GB internal memory for working in a standalone.

Automatic Copy and Update

Automatic update through USB, SD Card, LAN, WIFI and over Internet.

WIFI solution has more...

  1. Create, edit, schedule, publish programs.
  2. Upload and manage images, videos, text.
  3. Update, group, format the device.
  4. Add User and office, grant permission.
  1. Update via LAN/WIFI and USB ports.
  2. Power timer: Turn on/off on schedule.
  3. Easy rotation: 0/90/180/270.
  4. Mounted horizontally or vertically.
  5. Self-correction and work standalone.