We don't charge & collect any tax on the purchase, so you don't need to provide the exemption certificate for tax-exempt orders, just place your order directly if you are tax exempt organization.

Depending on the type of frame you select. Each frame has its own default set number of memory preinstalled into the unit and also depending on the size of the memory card/usb drive you have. Here is a rough estimate on what a certain size memory can hold.

JPG files are 5 Mb or smaller, so 192 files can be stored on a 1 Gb storage,  you can store over 5,000 photographs on a 32Gb SD memory cards.

The new trend in the market is to have all your pictures played in one source. Now you can by putting all your pictures into a digital picture frame and have then played throughout the day. Many people buy digital photo frames for wedding presents, corporate gifts, birthday, simply home use and also for advertising purpose. Digital frame is the next trend in advertising your biz.