EOOKE Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software System:

EOOKE APM is a cloud-based smart digital signage content management platform specially designed for creating, streaming dynamic contents to the network LED signage screens (Manufactured by EOOKE)  and managing these screens both online and offline.

You can control all EOOKE’s advertising displays in real-time and manage digital content remotely from your dashboard, regardless of where you are — as long as you’re connected to the internet. When there is no internet connection, you can use a USB device to download and transfer information from your server or PC and putting it onto any screen.

It’s a white label software comes with lifetime free, no subscription, no ongoing fee, it’s included when you purchased our WIFi cloud signage screens.

Version for Download:


Fully Integrated

It is fully-integrated with EOOKE network screens, no 3rd party hardware, player or monitor is required.

Unlimited Features.

  •  Drag-n-Drop
  •  Videos/Musics/Photos/Messages/Webpage/MS Office/Weather
  •  Unlimited playlists and schedules
  •  Unlimited on-screen display zone
  •  Power Timer day/week
  •  Remote update/reboot
  •  Unlimited users/branches/screens and role management
  •  Real time monitors and analytics
  •  Media library management

Multi-content playlists, zone-based templates and content scheduling, the cloud-based digital signage software makes it easy to show relevant content to your audiences..

Enhanced Security

It provides a greater level of security than on-premise alternatives. When data is not in motion, it is always encrypted and secured, and it is all stored in a single server location.

Easy To Use

There is no need for any technical skills or IT experience when it comes to cloud-based software.
Simply connect the EOOKE network displays to the APM. Just a few clicks and drags, your presentations will be published on any screens at any times.

Remote Content Management

One of the most significant benefits of EOOKE cloud-based digital signage is the ability to manage material remotely. Because of its auto-scaling features, it can manage the content of any scale. As a result, you may add more displays and information without fear of a crash.

It also enables businesses to change their interactive content in real-time, allowing them to experiment and discover what works best for them.


Servers and IT support are expensive, yet on-premise digital solutions necessitate both.
The costs will be substantially lower because EOOKE cloud-based digital signage does not require IT help or a separate server.

Furthermore, it does not require the same level of upkeep or power, and upgrades are free.

Most of all, there is no subscription, no ongoing fee.