19″ – 65″ WIFI digital signage displays, WIFI digital photo frame system


19″ – 65″ WIFI digital signage displays, WIFI digital photo frame system


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  • Manage unlimited frame online.
  • Schedule content rich presentation anywhere.
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19″ – 65″ WIFI digital signage displays,
WIFI digital photo frame systems

Free online cloud management.
Free self-hosted, cloud based system.
Please choose “Gold” or “Silver” above.

WiFi digital signage system
Integrate signage system and LED display into one
wifi FHD and 4K UHD digital signage display
The display area can be splited into multiple zone
Power timer switch turn on and off the signage automatically
The signage display board can be mounted vertical and horizontally
The actual digital photos of the signage display
All EOOKE displays will be packed in strong wooden case before shipping

This WIFI signage display is designed to allow you to publish, edit, and update your displayed programs remotely on the Internet over 2.4G WI-FI (doesn’t support 5G) or a Local Area Network connection. You can even monitor, upgrade, format, and manage the monitors from your local computer or cloud or self-hosted server. You can schedule presentations to be displayed on an unlimited number of screens or turn the frame ON and OFF wireless from your central admin device. If you are looking for managing digital signage over a 2.4g wireless network for your company or business advertising needs, then this network digital signage system is your best option. Here is another commercial digital signage display without WiFi you might be interested in.

What makes it difference:

  •  Commercial LED display, media player, WIFI management system all in one, no exterior signage box is required.
  •  LG / Samsung 1080P FHD or 4K UHD 2160p (only available in 50″/55″/65″) LED IPS signage display, aluminum alloys housing, thin & light.
  •  Based on the B/S Structure, running on the Android operating system, it supports both LAN and Wireless connections.
  •  The digital wifi signage comes with a free content management system (CMS) and a free online cloud account (limited features). No monthly subscription & No hidden cost.
  •  Easy to use software that allows you to create and manage presentation content through a click and drag process:
    1. Simple content creation and management, just click and drag, easy to cast to displays from all locations.
    2. Real-time displays monitoring and management.
    3. It comes with a permission-based Admin and Office management system that allows you to create different display groups managed by your team.
  •   Free signage software for deploying your own self hosted server on your Windows PC/laptop or Windows Cloud server.(Mac OS not supported)
  •   You can control all displays and update the campaigns crossing LAN / WAN by using Google Chrome Browser locally or remotely.
  •   You can also run the WiFi signage monitor without the Internet or local network from an SD card or USB drive.
  •   Streaming all programs/presentations which contain doc/power-point/excel/PDF/webpage/video/music/scrolling text to the unlimited number of displays on schedule. Play any programs at any specific time you want.
  •   Ability to split the screen into different display zones, including photos, videos, logo, and rolling text at the same time.
  •   The Wi-Fi signage comes with a built-in power timer that turns the system on and plays scheduled tasks at preset times.
  •   Each unit comes with a security lock to prevent tampering or interruption of your presentations.

Local End Features:

  1. Built-in RJ45 Lan port/2.4G WI-FI.
  2. Power timer. Task on Schedule.
  3. Screen rotation: 0°/90°/180°/270°.
  4. Update via USB/Internet/Local network.
  5. Self-correction and auto-reset ability
  6. Security lock
  7. Work-alone

Remote End (Local PC/Cloud)

  1. Task create/edit/Del/schedule/publish.
  2. Source media content management.
  3. Terminal displays update/upgrade.
  4. Terminal add/group/monitor/Del/reboot.
  5. User & Ofiice control, grant permission.

The main difference: EOOKE Standard and WIFI signage

Version Standard WIFI
Power Timer    
Video / Music    
Scrolling Text    
+/- 90° Roation    
Split Screen    
USB Updating    
4K signage player NO  
Optional 4K Screen NO  
WIFI(2.4G) / LAN NO  
Free Shape Zone NO  
Template Designs NO  
Drag-and-Drop NO  
Advanced Playlist NO  
Scheduled Content NO  
Doc / Excel / PPT NO  
PDF / Webpage NO  
Cloud-based Admin NO  
Local Management NO  
Office Admin NO  
Team Admin NO  
Monitor Admin NO  
Screen Capture NO  
Work Offline NO  
Real-time Monitoring NO  
Free Signage Software System NO  
Ongoing Fee / Subscription NO NO

Quick Guide

Want to be familiar with the EOOKE signage system in a fast way without prior deploying your own sever? Would you please check this quick guide on how to connect the display to free network account and publish programs. This guide also applies to connecting the screen to your self-hosted computer/server.
1. Turn the WiFi signage screen on, navigate to [Network setting] -> connect it to your wireless network. For wired network, please insert the Lan cable.
Configure your wired or wireless network
Note: You can find Terminal Name / Org ID / Sever Address  on P35 of printed manual, Read-me.txt on USB drive and Order Shipping Email.

2. Turn the WiFi display on, navigate to [Information publish] -> [Network publish] -> [Sever Config] input your server info, click “Sure” to blind the signage screen to your account.
Cloud server info
Note: Your Terminal Name / Org ID / Server Address can be found on P35 of printed manual, Readme.txt on USB drive and Order shipping email.

3. Type sever URL in Chrome browser and login. Your terminal device live here.
Cloud server dashboard

4. Click “New Program” to create new project.
Crete new program

5. Drag and drop, design your project.
Design the presentation

6. Choose program playing type and timer.
Playback setting

7. Select the target terminal display to send files.
Choose target display to send files

8. All done, watch the program live over the internet or on the target screens.
Choose target display to send files

File for download

Quick FAQ

1. Is it difficult to set it up, how it works?
No, it’s simple. Just turn it on, input your server info to connect the display to your server, then log in your server and admin from there. For full detail, please check the “Quick guide” above or the printed manual.
2. What account will I get after ordering?
For every unit you order, you will get respectively 1 free cloud based account and 1 verification code (for activating your installing system). Both of them can be found on the last page of the manual and “readme.txt” on the USB drive.
3. Is there any monthly cost or subscription?
No. There is no monthly fee, you don’t need to subscribe and there is no hidden cost, once order free for a lifetime.
4. I made a repeat order, how can i admin/manage the new displays from the previous installed system.
You can put a note mentioning your previous order during the checkout or email our support, and we will update/credit the same quantity to your exiting account & installed system

Please note:

  • For bulk order and retail order of size over 65″ like 70″, 75″, 80″, 98″ and their 4K versions, please contact [email protected]

2 reviews for 19″ – 65″ WIFI digital signage displays, WIFI digital photo frame system

  1. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous user

    I’m looking for WiFi digital picture frames for a company project. Are you able to make 8″ WiFi frames?

    • EOOKE

      We can make it for bulk order, please check your email for detail.
      Best regards

  2. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous user

    How many USB port ?
    and How many HDMI port does this model(43 inch) have ?

    • EOOKE

      All have 2 USBs and 1 HDMI(out)

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Size 22″ 24″ 32″ 43″ 50″ 55″ 65″
Resolution 1920×1080 1920*1080 or 3840*2160 (Only available in 4K version)
Viewing Area (cm) 48x27cm 52×30 70x40cm 92x52cm 110x62cm 122x69cm 141x80cm
Viewing Area (inch) 19″x11″ 21″x12″ 28″x16″ 37″x21″ 44″x25″ 48″x27″ 56″x32″
Frame size (cm) 53x31x5cm 57x34x5 75x46x5cm 97x57x5cm 115x66x5cm 126x73x5cm 147x85x5cm
Frame size (inch) 21″x13″x2″ 23″x14″x3″ 30″x19″x2″ 39″x23″x2″ 46″x26″x2″ 50″x29″x2″ 58″x34″x2″
Packing Weight 10 KGs 15 KGs 20 KGs 30 KGs 40 KGs 50 KGs 60 KGs
Consumption 25 W 30 W 35 W 50 W 80 W 110 W 120 W
Frame color Silver or Gold
Panel LG / Samsung brand new IPS panel
Self-system Support Windows 7/8/10, do not support Mac OS
View angle 89/89(H),89/89(V)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast 4000:1
Brightness 400 CD/m2
CPU Quad cores
Lan RJ45
TF 1
Audio MP3, WAV, WMV
Office/Web Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt), PDF, webpage, Flash
Rotation 0/90/180/270 degree
Mounting Horizontally / Vertically
Remote 1 set
Speaker 10W x 2
Wall Bracket 1 set
Working V. 100 – 240V (US/UK/AU/EU)
Language English, Chinese
Warranty 1 Year
Contents of Package 1.Display
2.Remote Control
4.Wall bracket
5.USB drive (Manage software and Keys stored inside)
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