Full HD 65 inch large Digital Photo Frames, Ad Player


Full HD 65 inch large Digital Photo Frames, Ad Player

$2,199.00 $1,899.00

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$2,199.00 $1,899.00

HD 65″ large digital photo frame which design for biz advertising purpose.

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Full HD 65 inch large Digital Photo Frames, Ad Player

65″ full hd LED screen, largest digital photo frame on the market

Metal seated oval body,aluminum alloy border;High quality tempered glass cover & “mirror polish”design

Power on/off on schedule, support 1080P videos, slideshow and rolling text.

Only Gold version available at the moment.

Images of Gold color

FHD 65 INCH digital signage displays


Images of Silver color

65 inch digital photo frame

Adopt 65 inch FHD 1080P LED super bright screen. Metal seated oval body.

65 inch AD player

Can be horizontally and vertically.


High quality tempered glass covers have excellent transparency with superior heat and shock resistant.

Video support
Extension Video Format Coding Type Resolution Rate
.Dat, .Mpg .Mpeg Mpg, Mpeg Mpeg1/Mpeg2 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.ts, .trp, .tp, .m2ts Mpeg2 -TS
MPEG2 ,H.264 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.vob MPEG2 -PS MPEG2 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.mp4 AVI, MP4 MPEG4
Divx3.11,Divx 4.12, Divx5.x,Divx6, 1.00,
Xvid1.01,Xvid 1.02, Xvid1.03,
H.264, Xvid
1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.rm, .rmvb RM, RMVB Rm 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.mkv MKV H.264, MPEG1,2,4 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.divx, .avi AVI(1.0, 2.0),
Divx5, Divx 6,
Xvid 1.00,
Xvid1.01,Xvid 1.02, Xvid1.03,
Xvid 1.10-beta1/2
1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.asf, .wmv ASF
(Revision 01.20.03)
VC1 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.ts ts AVS 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
Motion JPEG AVI, MOV JPEG 640×480 @ 30P 10Mbit/sec

Timer: Auto power on/off and play designated files
Playlist allow playing designated files at designate time (256 groups max)
Auto copy/update

More Features

1. 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution Panel (1920×1080) , support Dat, Mpg, mpeg,ts, trp, tp, m2ts, vob,mp4, rm, rmvb, mkv, divx, avi, Motion JPEG, asf, wmv, ts [email protected] video (more see chart above).
2.Auto copy/update the content through USB flash driver.
3. Timer function: Auto power on/off then play designated files on schedule, 5 groups timers available.
4. Playlist feature: Play designated files at designated times. (256 groups max)
5. Slideshow with background music.( Photo interval time 5s/7s/10s/15s/30s/60s/90s/120s/150s adjustable.)
6. Caption function: Add/Display scrolling texts on the top/bottom of screen during playing.
7. Spot announcement: Spot announcement, insert breaking video news during or after a playing.
8. Power failure memory; Auto play the position that it last stopped. .
9. USB update function.Update playlist/files simply by inserting USB flash driver.
10. Auto copy and update playlist.
11. Metal case with security locker. Password protected.
12. Mp3 lyric display.

Wholesale and bulk orders:

You are most welcome to contact us regardingproduct or wholesale orders via [email protected].You can also leave your question below.

Frame Specification

Viewing Area

64.53 inch (diagonal) 1428(H)*803(v) mm



Pixel Pitch 0.248*0.744 (mm)
Display colors 10 bit, 1.07B
Frame Dimension 160*100*10 cm
Best viewing distance over 2.4 m

Aspect Ratio


Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Brightness 450 nits (cd/㎡)
Timer Funtion YES

Viewing Anlge


Response time 5.5(GtoG) ms

Memory Cards support

 USB 2.0 drive / SD card (32Gb or lower)

Image Format


Video Formats

Dat, Mpg, mpeg,ts, trp, tp, m2ts, vob,mp4, rm, rmvb, mkv, divx, avi, Motion JPEG, asf, wmv, ts, tp, trp, t2rs, divx [email protected]

Audio Formats

MP3, Wmv

Auto Power On/Off



90/180/270 (Captions/timt/calendar rotatble)

Inteval time


Remote Control




Wall mount


Input voltage

100-250V (US/UK/AU/EU)


English, Chinese

Net Weight


Packing weight 110 KGs


12 months by Manufacturer

Contents of Package

1.65 inch advertising screen
2.Wall bracket (1)
3.Operations Manual
4.Remote Control

Additional information

Weight 60 kg


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