22″- 75″ digital signage displays, advertising photo frame

22″- 75″ digital signage displays, advertising photo frame


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  • Large Digital signage display design for biz
  • From 22″ up to 98″ FHD LED adverting display panel
  • Split display zone
  • Playback on schedule
  • Aluminum bezels, Metal seated oval body
  • Automatic on/off
  • Check here for Manual

For more info please check Description and Specification below.

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FHD 22 – 75 inch advertising photo screen, digital signage displays

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Check here for WIFI Digital Signage

Integrate signage system and LED display into one
Commercial digital signage adopts 1080P LED displays
The display area can be split into multiple zone
Playlist editor for providing a customized signage program
Power timer switch turn on and off the signage automatically
The led screen has wide viewing angle
The signage display board can be mounted vertical and horizontally
The actual digital photos of the signage display
All EOOKE displays will be packed in strong wooden case before shipping

Special features:

This is a indoor wall mountable digital signage screen monitor designed for all your business or brand’s advertising needs. It is a large advertising photo frame available in a wide range of sizes from 22 to 65 inches. Check here for WIFI digital signage display.Each signage display in this line features a Full-HD display panel, split display zone, automatic on/off function, and playback on schedule among other handy features. It has a solid slim build with aluminum bezels and a metallic design set on an oval body.

  • Available in a wide range of large sizes from 22″ to 98″.
  • The signage system adopts LG’s 1080P Full-HD LED display panel.
  • Smart split-screen feature that allows you to divide the screen into 2 or 3 display zones with a single press on the remote control.
  • You can also design your unique display shapes using the Playlist editor
  • Each model in this series comes with a built-in power timer switch that allows you to set up 5 ON/OFF programs for each day of the week. The power timer feature makes the signage display quite convenient and easy to use.
  • A large viewing angle of up to 178 degrees to give you sharp and optimal colors and detail in different viewing angles.
  • The digital advertising photo frame features a built-in media player that supports a wide range of video and audio formats including 1080P DAT, MPEG, Mpg, and AVI video @30P for videos.
  • It supports background music for your slideshows complete with adjustable slideshow effects and interval for each slide.
  • You can also add caption and scrolling text at the top or bottom of the screen when the images are playing. You can even change the color and speed of the captions and scrolling text.
  • Interrupt program: Want to add new images or video while the current program is still playing? You can easily do that by interrupting the current program every hour or half an hour.
  • The digital signage frame comes with a built-in 8GB internal memory. It also supports USB 2.0 drive and SD card with FAT32 format. Just insert the SD card or USB drive and auto-copy or update all the media files you want to display on the large screen.
  • Auto-copy and update via Fat32 formatted USB or SD cards. Update all media files simply by inserting USB drive or SD cards.
  • Security locker keeps your USB drive safe.
  • You can rotate the screen by 90, 180, and 270 degrees using the remote control.
  • Easy sliding of images in numerical order after you’ve named each file by a number.. Name the images to 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg….., it will slide through these photos in numerical order.
  • You can also schedule projects or tasks conveniently using the EOOKE’s Playlist Editor.
    For example:You can create 3 schedules on Saturday and 4 schedules on Sunday for your showroom.


    1. 8:00am – 8:30am: Slide show “welcome” image 1 to 10, video clip and also scrolling text to welcome visitors
    2. 8:30am – 2:00pm: Play video 2 to 5 and then slideshow image 11 to 20 introduce your brand/show.
    3. 12:00pm – 2:00pm: Schedule automatically power off at 12:01pm and Auto power at 2:00pm again by using Power Timer
    4. 2:00pm – 5:30pm: Playback video 6 to 10 and rolling text 2

    1. 8:30am: Auto power on by using Power Timer
    2. 8:30am – 6:00pm: Play video31 and slide Pic101 ~ Pic200 with background mp3 and special offer.
    3. 6:00pm – next 8:00am: Auto power off and on again

File Supported:

Extension Video Format Coding Type Resolution Rate
.Dat, .Mpg .MPEG Mpg, MPEG Mpeg1/Mpeg2 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.ts, .trp, .tp, .m2ts Mpeg2 -TS
MPEG2 ,H.264 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.vob MPEG2 -PS MPEG2 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.mp4 AVI, MP4 MPEG4
Divx3.11,DivX 4.12, Divx5.x,Divx6, 1.00,
Xvid1.01,Xvid 1.02, Xvid1.03,
H.264, Xvid
1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.rm, .rm-vb RM, RM-VB Rm 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.mkv MKV H.264, MPEG1,2,4 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.DivX, .AVI AVI(1.0, 2.0),
Divx5, DivX 6,
Xvid 1.00,
Xvid1.01,Xvid 1.02, Xvid1.03,
Xvid 1.10-beta1/2
1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.asf, .wmv ASF
(Revision 01.20.03)
VC1 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
.ts ts AVS 1920*[email protected] 10Mbit/sec
Motion JPEG AVI, MOV JPEG 640×480 @ 30P 10Mbit/sec

Please note:

70″ / 75″ / 80″ / 86″ / 98″  and freestanding kiosk signage are considered oversized package by express company like DHL/UPS,  please contact [email protected] before order size 75″ or over.

Signage Display Specification
Size 22 inch 24 inch 27 inch 32 inch 43 inch 47 inch 50 inch 55 inch 65 inch 70 inch 75 inch
Screen size 48x27cm 52x30cm 60x34cm 70x40cm 92x52cm 103x58cm 110x62cm 122x69cm 141x80cm 155x88cm 166x93cm
Signage size 52x32x6cm 57x34x6cm 64x38x6cm 75x45x6cm 97x57x6cm 107x62x6cm 115x66x6cm 126x73x6cm 147x85x6cm 161x94x6cm 170x98x6cm
Net Weight 6.5 KGs 7.5 KGs 8.3 KGs 12 KGs 20 KGs 23 KGs 25 KGs 30 KGs 37 KGs 50 KGs 65 KGs
Wooden Case Packing 20 KGs 22 KGs 25 KGs 30 KGs 40 KGs 45 KGs 50 KGs 60 KGs 70 KGs 80 KGs 90 KGs
Consumption 25 W 25 W 30 W 40 W 50 W 60 W 80 W 110 W 120 W 240 W 260 W
Signage color Silver & Gold Black White
Resolution 1920*1080
Pixel Pitch 0.248*0.744 (mm)
Display colors 10 bit, 1.07B
Best viewing distance over 2 m
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Brightness 450 nits (cd/㎡)
Timer Funtion YES
Viewing Anlge 89/89/89/89
Response time 5.5(GtoG) ms
Memory Cards support USB Flash drive, SD memory card
Image Format JPEG/JPG/PNG
Video Formats Dat, Mpg, mpeg,ts, trp, tp, m2ts, vob,mp4, rm, rmvb, mkv, divx, avi, Motion JPEG, asf, wmv, ts, tp, trp, t2rs, divx [email protected]
Audio Formats MP3, Wmv
File quantity Less than 200 in a time
Photo Playing order Can be in numerical order (name the image to 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg….. or playlist order
Power timer Automatic power on and power off on schedule.
Rotation 90/180/270 (Captions/time clock/Calendar rotatable)
Interval time 5s/7s/10s/15s/30s/60s/90s/120s/150s
Remote Yes
Speaker 10w x 2
Wall mount Yes
Input voltage 100-250V (US/UK/AU/EU)
Language English, Chinese
Warranty 12 months by Manufacturer
Contents of Package 1.Advertising screen
2.Wall bracket (1)
3.Operations Manual
4.A/C Adapter(100V~250V) built-in
5.Remote Control
6.Transport Wood case to protect the display from transit damage.
Related files for download 1.Manual, 2.EOOKE Digital Signage Playlist Editor

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions N/A

19 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 27 inch, 32 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, 70 inch, 75 inch, 86 inch, 98 inch


Silver, Gold

3 reviews for 22″- 75″ digital signage displays, advertising photo frame

  1. Anonymous user

    I this digital picture frame suitable for the consistent rotating and displaying of family portraits and videos

    • Admin

      Sure it does.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous user

    Attention : Owner / Sales Department ,
    My name is Ricard Wilson and I will like to know the price for Picture Frames are available

    Color: gold
    size: 30 by 40 shinny gold metal
    frame with regular glass foam core or backing board
    Quantity: 50.

    And if you don’t have that in stock, let me know the types and brands of frames you have in stock or you can make

    special order for me. I will be looking forward to your email .

    Richard Wilson
    Phone: —Edit, visible by Administrators only—
    Email: —Edit, visible by Administrators only—

    • EOOKE

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for your interest in our product.
      Info has been sent via Email, please check aslo spam box in case the reply end up there.

      Best regards,

  3. 5 out of 5


    Bought one for my store, it’s really an amazing product, it has more features than I expected. It wasn’t easy to find an attractive HD frame in this size. Packaging (woodcase) was very sturdy and secure.

    • EOOKE

      Thank you very much, Robort!

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