Network 32 inch 1080P HD advertising digital frames


Network 32 inch 1080P HD advertising digital frames

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Original price was: $1,799.00.Current price is: $1,199.00.

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    32 inch Network 1080P HD advertising frames


    How it works
    how Network advertising digital photo frame work
    Network 1080P HD Advertising Digital Photo Frame Features
    1. 16:9 High Resolution Panel , able to play 1080P HD video.
    2. Manage and update the content through the local network and Interent (Realtime)
    3. Timer function: (No limit on the number ) Auto power on/off , download and play designated files on schedule.
    4. Ok with Winxp/win7 and Lunix system.
    5. Slideshow with background music.( Photo interval time adjustable)
    6. Caption funtion: Add 3 scrolling text on the top/bottom of screen during palying.
    7. Admin/update/monitor any or all frame at the same time.
    7. No limit on the number of vice-amdministrtors, all vice-amdministrtors log in to main server to edit/update/maintain all frames.
    8. USB update funtion.Update playlist/files simply by inserting USB flash driver.
    9. Support 1080P HD MP4:AVI-DIVX/XVID; MPG, WMV,JPEG,MP3,WAV,PNG,BMP,TXT. format.
    10. Metal (aluminum) casewith security locker. Server and the frame are both Password protected
    11. 8 max Splited screen (Png pic required, display logo/video/rolling text/time).Horizontal/vertical display.
    12. Spot announcement: Spot announcement during or after a playing.



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