How To Setup A Digital Advertising Signage Screen

If you are getting into business and wish to increase your customer traffic quickly, you need advertising. Advertising isn’t your old-school newspaper clipping anymore. With the digitization of everything around you, advertising has been modernized.

Digital network signage display is the new way of getting your product out there and attracting customer traffic.

Before installing and mounting your network signage screen and system, here are some quick tips.

Tip 1

The first step in the installation process is to decide on the perfect spot. You don’t want your signage to be standing in a corner where it goes unnoticed. Next, find a site that has the maximum foot traffic. It will help in better promotion of what you are advertising.

Tip 2

Choosing a proper network screen system is another crucial step in the process. Earlier,  plasma screens were used quite often for digital displays. But with improved technology and the charm for high definition has resulted in the popularity of OLED and LED screens.

The visual quality is indeed much better with high contrast. Investing in a fancy new model can help you capture the attention of your target audience.

Tip 3

Once you have finalized the spot and the screen, you need the appropriate mount to place your screen. There are a lot of mounts available that allow you to display the screen from different angles. You can either go for flat mounts or those tilting towards a different direction.

It will all depend on the placement of your screen. At what angle is the screen more readily visible to the people is an important consideration.

Tip 4

Before installing the network advertising screen, identify the power outputs. You don’t want the wires and cables dangling from the sides. It makes the overall appearance unattractive. It also drags the attention of the viewer on the mess and not the advertisement.

Make sure your wires are hidden or placed strategically. They should be out of sight!


Tools needed for mounting.

Now, please get yourself a drill, hammer, cross screwdriver, wrench, track level bar, a marker pen and follow below


Step by step guide to mount the digital advertising displays on the wall:


  • Step 1. Lay the display face downward on the table or desk. Open the small door which locate at the bottom of the advertising screen, then loose the screw by 2cm, take off the bracket at last.take off the wall plate
  • Step 2. Find the wall location for mounting the screen. Hold the wall plate up to the wall, make it straight with a level then make 4 to 6 marks with a pencil.make the marks
  • Step 3. Drill the holes, push the sleeve anchors (6mm-8mm) into these holes, be sure that they are tightly fastened. Fasten the wall plate to the sleeve anchors, and attach the EOOKE advertising screens to the plate finally.



Installation is the first but one of the most crucial steps of setting up digital advertising signage system. A perfect installation will ensure the smooth running of the advertisement program that follows.

Thorough and strategic planning for installation will help you get the best out of your advertising. You can pick the best spots and angles to ensure that your viewer cannot miss looking at your advertisement.

If you are going to spend money on advertising, make every penny count!


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