Promoting your brand or business is vital if you want to reach out to a vast audience base. With the turn of the century, advertising or promotion has shifted significantly from print media and analog media to digital media. Digital Videos, eBooks, digital audio, websites, mp3, and social media – the various forms of digital media have become widely popular as the ‘in’ forms of marketing and promotion and the present world has taken a particular liking to these methods as they promise better exposure at a reasonable cost.
Amongst the various forms of digital media player, the digital signage players have gained quite a popularity amongst business owners because they help attract the attention of the prospective customers better. They are very easy to handle and can be used display interactive content that surely will act as a magnet to draw in customers. The digital advertising display screen usually include all in one systems & solution that displays the media content intended for the audience and free signage software that can be installed on any computer and controls the message to be displayed.

The benefits

If you aren’t sure how the digital signage players can benefit you and help you reach out to the public more easily, then here are a few points to consider:
More attractive – They are sure to attract more attention than traditional vinyl or flex boards that are too boring. They ensure that people will easily get hooked to the bright display, guaranteeing that they see what you want them to see.
Easily customized – What you display on the signage totally depends on you and you can change it from time to time, unlike traditional message boards that need to be redone completely every time you want to display a new message or idea. DigitalFrame0 is a digital advertising signage screen company solution makes it easier for you to change the display at your will without having to put in a lot of effort.
Easy to manage – these devices follow simple mechanisms, and you needn’t be a techie to manage and run one. The instructions provided in the manual are usually enough to help you set up the player and start displaying. They are usually plug-in and go or install and go, making them useful for all types of businesses and people.
EOOKE players come in three different types to suit the needs of different kinds of businesses and brands. Let’s take a look at them.

Standalone digital media players

These EOOKE players are the very basic forms and are suitable for small stores and individual that want to promote themselves or playback digital media content without too much of a hassle. The system is very simple and can be controlled with almost no technical knowledge.

FHD and 4K media players

These are a step up on the standalone versions and are quite versatile. Businesses of all types can install these signage players and benefit from their versatility. All that is needed is a computer and the player, and you can start promoting your brand or store.

Wireless digital signage solution

They are very sophisticated all-in-one solution and are a little expensive than the above two. The wireless facility allows controlling several displays spread across a wide area for a widespread promotion.Need just displays that have digital video media player built in? Check below.