The Best Digital Signage Hardware For Your Organization

Every organization want only the best digital signage hardware.
However, what makes the best digital signage hardware for your organization?It will depend on your requirements and needs. With so many options available, how can you sort through the options and come to a decision that meets both your goals and your budget? As business owners, you will need a little pre-project planning to ensure that the digital signage hardware you choose can meet your company goals and objectives.Here’s how you can find the best one.

  EOOKE’s System on Chip Signage Display

What kind of signage display are you looking for? Do you need something that allows interactions with your customers and have viewers engage with your content? Or do you need something that can advertise and market your brand from afar?
EOOKE’s signage display is a powerful all-in-one system, with digital signage media player mounted inside the enclosure of LED screen that replaces the traditional standalone player and display, all you need is a press on the remote ( regular version) or internet + Chrome browse (wifi version) to deliver any media content on any/all screens from any location of the world.
In general, EOOKE digital signage screens come in 3 types:
Touchscreen: Featuring tactile feedback screens used for navigational signages, kiosks, and table tablets.
WIFI signage screen: Mange the screens over the wifi. You have the option to deploy your sever locally or on web-cloud.
Regular version: A standalone display, update via USB/SD

  External Digital Signage Media Players

Media players are the engines of your digital signage solution. A digital signage media player contains internal storage for your content and content management app.
Here at DigitalFrame0, we also provide separate play only for most commercial digital signage applications.It is a small device, with less features than an signage display. However, its small size offers it more flexibility in how it is applied. It can turn any screen into a digital signage display.

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