Floor standing digital poster display, kiosk signage system

Floor standing digital poster display, kiosk signage system


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32″/43″/55″/65″ floor standing digital signage display

Free 4 locking Casters.

This vertical indoor floor-standing signage poster display integrates a commercial-grade screen with EOOKE smart signage system, capable of delivering accurate media content to target visitors on schedule. It’s can be used in various commercial zones and non-profit organizations: Hospitals, Clinics, Retail store, Pharmacy, Restaurants, Post office, Shopping centers, Museums, Exhibitions, Tourism Offices, Office Buildings, Lobbies and more.

Floor standing digital kiosk signage

Key features:

  •  Super slim profile & giant tablet design makes it the most eye-catchings.
  •  Brighter with more colors: FHD | 4K screen with an average brightness of 350 cd/m².
  •  Solid metal housing with super clear tempered glass cover help protect component from scratches/damage.
  •  Longer lifespan: Commercial-grade LED and power module are both built for reliable 24/7 use.
  •  USB Signage Player: Automatically copy files onto internal memory and start dynamic slideshows .
  •  Multi-zone Splitter: 10+ split-zone templates, capable of showcase multi-zone media contents at the same time.
  •  Automatic Power: 4 groups of on/off timer per day/weekday.
  •  Can play in numerical order if files were named in a sequence of numbers: 001.jpg,002.jpg,003.mp4…
  •  Scrolling Texts: Display subtitles at the top or bottom.
  •  Built-in 8Gb (FHD version) /32Gb (4K version) storage.
  •  Lockable small door on the back preventing unauthorized access to USB/LAN ports.
  •  4 locking Caster Wheels: Easily and quickly move the floorstanding kiosk around.

Standard VS WiFi version

They share same hardware components, however Standard kiosk only works in Stand-alone (USB) mode, WiFi kiosk can switch between Network Mode and Stand-alone Mode.

Standard-alone Mode:

  1. Sliding through media contents from USB drive.
  2. Built in 15 split-screen templates.
  3. Power timer: 4 groups power on/off each for every day or Monday-Sunday
  4. Transitions effects/speeds, font size/color/position are changeable.
  5. Playback in copied / numerical order.

Network Mode: (WiFi version only)

  1. Create and schedule presentations with free cloud system.
  2. Publish them to poster displays via WiFi/LAN .
  3. Real-time monitor and admin from any network enable computer..

Quick FAQ:

1. What kind of power plug it come with.
Country-specific power plugs will be sent along with your order.
2. Does this screen have any dead pixel?
No, it doesn’t have any pixel as it need to pass our quality control and aging test before shipping out. You are assured of getting a brand new and high-quality digital screen with no dead pixels.
3. How to order large quantity, size larger than 55″, 65″ or custom the display?
For oversize display and customization, please contact [email protected].

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    Ordered a 50″ kiosk for our trade shows. Very easy to setup and it worked great!!

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