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Show off your photos with EOOKE Digital Photo Frames

Eooke's HD Frame & Advertising display brings your photos and videos to live without a computer in seconds. Just insert a memory card and wait for your pictures brilliantly displayed with print like quality on best resolution. With a electronic picture frame, you can choose to have it display only one photo or create a slideshow of your favorite shots of your family, your new launch product and play any video clip you like. You can also buy digital photo keychain for your loved one.

Want to custom your order, want to have your logo imprinted on the screen and have your own boot-up screen? Just check here. And check here for bulk order.

20 inch digital photo frame,advertising screen

20 inch digital photo frame,advertising screen EOOKE

  • 20 inch (21.5") Full HD "Trueblack screen"
  • HDMI/AV in
  • Timer slideshow/1080p video
US$ 644 US$429
$215 or more
22" 1080P Large Digital Picture Frame for advertising

22" 1080P Large Digital Picture Frame for advertising EOOKE

  • 1920*1080 Full HD
  • Rm/Avi/Mpg/Mkv...
  • Auto on/off to play designated file on schedule
  • Auto copy update
  • Scrolling text
US$ 749 US$499
$250 or more
32" 1080P Full High definition AD Frames

32" 1080P Full High definition AD Frames EOOKE

  • 1920*1080 HD video
  • Support 1080P Ts/Asf H.264/Rmvb/Rm/Avi/Mp4/Mkv/Vob/Wmv
  • Timer play designated file@designated time
US$ 1349 US$899
$450 or more
42" advertising photo frame

42" advertising photo frame EOOKE

  • 42" "Trueblack" LED screen,, minior finish.
  • Metal seated oval body & Aluminum polishing border
  • Auto on/off, Timer play
  • Most 1080P vdieo
US$ 2099 US$1399
$700 or more

What Digital picture frame and Ad frames/advertising display for?

Are you scratching your head, wondering what to get him for her birthday, your anniversary,Morther's day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or some other special occasion like Christmas?

Looking for perfect for your wife, husband, friend, mother or father. Then is the perfect gift what you are searching for. It perfect for anywhere in your living room, your bedroom and your desk. Children and kids love the cute digital photo keychain, the teenagers would like to share their great moment with their friends, grandparents like to cycle through the latest digital snaps of their children rather than bother their kids to print out and send to them. Like all LCD product, the electronic photo frame is elegant, classy , modern and sleek, which allow you to view slideshows of your favorite pictures and videos. With EOOKE's digi frame and digital picture keychain, you can display an almost infinite number of digital photos and display your great moments with pride and keep it with you all the time.

Are you looking for some displays that can run your designated commercial HD videos/music at specail time? Do you want to turn the machine and start to play in the moring then turn off at mid-night automatically? Are you looking for some display that can be mounter vertically or horizontally to fit easily into any company/hotel/retail store/elevator environmen. Then our Advertisign frame must your first choice:

The difference between large digital photo frame and advertising Frame

They both can be used at home or your office as point of sale display. However if you need a special products for commercial advertising purpose, AD frame (also as advertising display and digital signage display) would be the best choice. Please check chart below for the main difference between them.

Item: Regular/1080P HD/Network Ad Frames / advertising display Digi Frames
Regular Frame HD 1080p Frame Network Frame
Video Format Support  Avi/Mpg/Vob Dat/Mpg/Mpeg/Vob/Avi/MP4/ts
Video Resolution Support  720*576 max  1920*1080  720*576
Timer function: Schedule power on/off and play designated files 5 sets for every days/weekdays 5 sets for every day
 No limit on number  No
PlayList Fuction: Auto play specific files at specific time.  8 sets max  256 sets max  No limit on number  No
Rolling Text Fuction: Play rolling text on screen during the playing (video).  Yes  Yes Yes  No
Spot Announcement: Insert breaking vdieo/ photo during video playing.  No  Yes  Yes  No
Resume Function: Auto play the position that it last stop (power off)  Yes  Yes Yes  No
Slideshow with music:  Yes Yes
 Yes Yes
AutoCopy /Updatet:
 Yes, via USB Yes, via USB Yes, via Usb & Local network/internet/wifi/3g  No
Anti-theif Design: Metal body/Locker Metal body/Locker Metal body/Locker No
Password protected: Yes Yes Yes No
Alarm clock/Calendar: No No No Yes

Buying Tips

What is really important to you when buying a frame: a large one that can be wall-mounted above a display case, a mini digital photo keychain that is portable, a full funtion one that not only displays slideshow but also play mp3 music and video clid or a supper clear one that features a 16:9 widescreen LCD panel and displays photos in high-definition? We could write a 100-page book on how to buy a Ad & Digi frames and digital picture keychain, but we are not going to talk you through all the different features on a large digital picture frames or tell you which models are best, what we will try to do is condense the knowledge to a few sentences and give you a few major pointers:
Q: How big a frame should I buy?
A: It depend entirely on the distance from the frame that the seating/Standing area is located. If you're not limited by a cabinet, please refer to following info to get as big as you can afford.
Small size: 7"- 9.7" -- 0.5 feet; 12"- 15" -- 0.5 feet to 1 feet
Big size:17"- 19" -- 1 feet to 1.5 feet; 20"-22" -- 2 feet to 2.5 feet; 26" -- 3 feet to 6 feet; 32" -- 3 feet to 7 feet; 37" -- 4 feet to 8 feet; 42" -- 5 feet to 10 feet; 55" screen size -- 6 feet to 12 feet; 65" -- 7 feet to 15 feet
Q: What frame should I buy?
"What to buy" can be a stressful experience even for the tech-savvy, see - there are so many features, sizes, colours, technologies and flavours to choose from.So which one is right for you, your family and your biz?
For Kids and elders: 7-9.7 inch which are able to play videos,music and slideshow photos, and have the feature of auto turn on/off-which allow it be turned on and off automacally when children forget to turn it off and fall asleep.
For Biz: We recommend large digital photo frame that over 15". Just lay it on the table? 17"-19" with stand are best choice. Want to hand it to the wall and play commercail programs? Big 19"-65" AD player with wall bracket (see features above chart) are the right one-that what they designed for.