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Digital signage displays from EOOKE integrating smart signage hardware and SOC into commercial grade FHD/4K LED screen capable of delivering real time media contents to effectively engage your audiences via WiFi or USB, helping you become the best in your industry.


Helpful Advertising Signage Screen Tips and Guides

Why your business needs a digital advertising signage displays

Traditional signs like posters and banners have been around for a long time, they were the best option for business owners and advertisers to advertise & market their products and service. The static signs are simple to use and their initial cost are low, however it can only show one message/printing at a time. And it takes much time and effort to design, print and install a new one, and the cost of updating is getting higher and higher and the biggest problem is it's a static "silent salesman",  it has less eye-catching, it can't affect your customer's mood too much. Now, after years of developing, the situation has changed, DigitalFrame0 has successfully integrated the digital advertising displays with an embedded media signage player and CMS , which is able to easily present photo slideshows / carousels and use a more dynamic ways to deliver media-rich content to interact with your target audience through USB or network. The integration enables LED signage displays attract more attention from visitors, create a more comfortable viewing experience and finally increase more business sales and brand awareness.

It can grab people's attention

Let’s face it. Irrespective of whether you are an online e-commerce shop or  brick-and-mortar store, customers do not have time or patience. If they feel that it’s too cumbersome to do business with you or the customer service is poor, they will look elsewhere. When they enter a retail store or walked into the lobby of the large building like church, bank, airport, restaurant, shows, the first thing that they notice is the large vibrant signage TV screen that is mounted on the walls or  free-standing way-finding kiosk poster displays that are placed on floor. Using commercial digital signage display boards can, therefore, help grab the attention of an audience since these big LED screens & video wall are hard to miss. Most people often overlook things such as static signs,  free-standing posters but can not miss dynamic videos and slideshow. Since digital advertising screens are eye-catchy, you can use this platform to deliver a particular message to anyone who visits your office or store.

If you have a unique message that you would like to relay, then you need to take advantage of smart digital signage monitors. This way, your message can easily get noticed. For you to achieve this, you need to empower your team so that they can impress your target audience with the innovative advertising signage. Working hand in hand with your marketing team can help you achieve brand loyalty. Creating interactive information on indoor or outdoor LED/LCD monitor enables you to engage your customers more so that you can renew their faith in your company. The best part is that top digital signage solution allows you to show your customers that you still have their interests at heart and continue working towards fulfilling their specific needs.

It is easy to update

Today, rapid developments keep on coming up, and your marketing displays should be able to keep up with constant changes. Using interior or exterior digital advertising signage screens can help you keep up with developments since you can easily and instantly manipulate and change dynamic content across every LED TV screen. Many business owners and top marketing companies nowadays like to use cloud based digital signage system with WiFi access since they find it to be more flexible to manage over internet. You can always tweak and update your marketing messages to the digital poster display over WiFi instantly instead of re-writing the whole concept from scratch.

If, for instance, when you are running a restaurant, hotel, retail store or a corporate,  you may need an in-store message boards to promote your food, service or merchandise based on changes in your inventory. Using indoor digital menu boards can help you update this information with ease. A healthcare specialist or hospital, on the other hand, can use information screen to make patients aware of some new policies. You, therefore, need to think about arising needs that may require immediate addressing. Using electronic signage board can help you make the necessary updates so that your company continues being relevant even as trends evolve.

Interactive & Touch advertising screen keeps you always connected

The internet plays a significant role in our day to day lives. As you run your business, you have to make the internet the foundation of your commercial advertising strategy. You can do this by making use of all-in-one advertising platforms. Using touched advertising display screen enables you to interactive your product or service with visitors such as live news, special promotion or events. You also get a chance to promote your brand by connecting custom with numerous social media posts. Since the world keeps on evolving, you have to make sure that your advertisement keeps up with changing times.

Video promotion has a more significant impact than using words

Incorporating video promotional strategy can help you make a better impact than promote your products or services with mere words. This is because this strategy uses videos that can amplify your informational message. And most of the consumers also love to watch video on a big LED posters. The smart digital signage board specially helps schools connecting with their young students, those who can't live without electronic gadgets.

It can reduce waiting time and cost

Nowadays, digital display signage is known to move fast, and advertising companies that are stuck on using old techniques struggle to stay afloat. You should avoid being a victim of such by embracing current marketing trends such as programmatic digital advertising monitor. This can help you keep the costs down and even realize returns on your investment. LED/LCD marketing TV screens can even reduce the waiting time to update your advertising program on schedule accordingly. It can also help you generate advertisement income. If your business is strategically located in a shopping center or mall that has a great population, most of the potential customers are likely to see it. In hospital and medical office, smart digital display system lets you publish tips for staying safe that educate your patients, direct them on where to go to get vaccine across all healthcare facilities, help them to reduce fear and worry about the current COVID-19 crisis.

It giving your business a professional edge

Using this form of marketing not only grabs the attention of people but also makes your business look more professional and became the best company of your industry. There is a report suggests that smart digital signage screen gets 400% more views than static ones. What does that tell you? It is also an Eco-friendly option that is better than traditional menu board. Unlike TV, it comes with easy to use free signage software gives you the chance to keep on changing your ads without increasing carbon footprint and without keeping turning on/off the TV screen all the time. It, therefore, There are a multitude of ways to use this to increase brand identity, create more awareness, enhance revenue and reduce marketing costs helps you conserve the environment as opposed to relying on static printing signs.

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